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How to become Wikipedia writer?

Pure Homepage Forums General Discussion How to become Wikipedia writer?

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      Connor McLean

      1. Become familiar with the Wikipedia community and learn how to use the site. Read the Wikipedia guidelines and familiarize yourself with the five pillars of Wikipedia.

      2. Learn How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Author and use the Wikipedia sandbox.

      3. Read other articles on the same topics you plan to write about.

      4. Develop an area of expertise. Become an expert on a subject and use reliable sources to back up your information.

      5. Start small by editing existing articles and adding to them.

      6. Create a draft article in your sandbox. Have other members of the Wikipedia community review your article.

      7. Submit your article to Wikipedia.

      8. Monitor the article and respond to comments and questions from others.

      9. Make sure you are following Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies.

      10. Participate in the Wikipedia community by joining discussion pages and making helpful contributions.

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