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Philanthropy Spotlight: IG Wealth Management

October 12, 2020
Andrew Mackenzie and Walter Alonso are truly making a difference. As Regional Directors with IG Wealth Management they speak of philanthropy being very important to your overall financial goals.

Since 1926 IG Wealth Management (formerly Investors Group) have helped charities across Canada build better communities and provide much needed services to those who are most vulnerable. Both Andrew Mackenzie and Walter Alonso understand the importance of giving back and are true pillars of philanthropy.

Philanthropy Spotlight: Terry and Bonnie Jackson

October 12, 2020
Terry and Bonnie Jackson have made philanthropy their business. True philanthropist helping communities and national organizations right across Canada.

Philanthropy Spotlight: SHE-EO’s

September 6, 2020

Fantastic word of inspiration from some of Canada’s leading female CEO’s in the charitable sector. Thank you Karen, Michelle and Ana for your leadership and dedication to making our sector stronger!

Philanthropy Spotlight: Rocco Rossi

August 6, 2020

Rocco Rossi has accomplished so much in his corporate, not for profit and political career. At the core of his values has been a great sense of giving back to build better communities. Thank you Rocco for your continued advice and enthusiasm to make the world a better place.


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