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Break Through The Noise '21

Pure Philanthropy | Annual Conference

Businesses continue to close down, families face financial hardship, and politicians work to eradicate the COVID-19 virus. How has all of this impacted Canadian Charities? For over a year now, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the Canadian Charitable sector.


The latest Imagine Canada Sector Monitor Study showed 68% of charities have seen a decline in donations since the onset of the pandemic and 46% report an increase in demand. Declining revenues, increased demand, equal the perfect storm. The threat of more charities closing this year is very real.

"Get a head start planning for next year"

Less than 30% of charities have access to fundraising professional services or staff, They are the charities PURE Philanthropy was designed to help. The value of collaborating, inspiring and sharing ideas as a sector is more important now than ever! Its time we “Break Through The Noise” take a moment to reflect, share and plan next steps through the rest of 2021, and get a head start on planning for next year and beyond.

Last year’s PURE Philanthropy Conference brought speakers and industry experts together in the areas of creative events, leadership, estate planning, major gifts, and digital media. There were thought provoking sessions from Elvis Stojko, Canadian Olympic Figure Skater and actor. And Dan Pallotta, a Harvard entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to changing the narrative around the funding of the charitable sector. Over 250 registered charities took part in the full day virtual educational experience that inspired attendees to be resilient!


8:30 am -  Ali, Frank, Deborah
8:40 am - Kick Off Speaker
9:00 am - Communications Panel
10:00 am - HEALTH BREAK Zoom-Ba
10:30 am -  Donor Relations Panel
11:30 am - LUNCH BREAK
12:30 pm - Strategy Panel
1:30 pm - HEALTH BREAK Mixology
2:00 pm - Legacy Giving Panel
3:00 pm - HEALTH BREAK
3:15pm - Closing Speaker

The PURE Philanthropy Conference is more important now than ever! We will be working with charities to “Break Through the Noise” of an ever-changing pandemic reality. Push aside the stories constantly coming into your inbox, your TV, social media and computer. Spend the day with us to reflect, share, collaborate and be inspired. The conference will feature educational tracks in Donor Relations, Communications, Strategy and Legacy giving.


The pandemic has left many charities scrambling to implement short-term tactics with little thought to overall strategy. Today, charities feel they are making a mad rush to the finish line with short-term emergency funding solutions to solve immediate needs. This year’s PURE Philanthropy Conference and speakers will help charities reflect on solutions that will help them to leap forward and think about long-term, sustainable solutions.


PURE Philanthropy 2021 is about taking a moment to reflect and discuss solutions to survive and thrive! It’s about deciding to do things differently about programming, staffing, potential partnerships to ensure support and success for our missions. It’s about taking the first step, in a new direction, by attending the PURE Philanthropy Conference!


See you there!